Our Creative Director & Founder


Janavi India is the brainchild and creative expression of Jyotika Jhalani, who began the brand in 1998 from her home. Her story begins from when her mother changed her name at the age of 14 in hopes of her being more like her sisters. Coming from Kashmir, growing up draped in the warmest pashminas and always being in a creative environment- the valley had so much beauty. Jyotika wanted to celebrate her Kashmiri heritage and imbue it with a sense of drama and cinematic language that has always marked her aesthetic.

We were born in a spare bedroom with the simple goal of creating unique cashmere shawls unlike any the world had seen before. We have grown into a company that celebrates the versatility of cashmere as a material, and our creations are sold by over 200 of the world's most selective retailers. Many of our finer pieces are embroidered entirely by hand, creating rich layers of color and texture with the idiosyncratic qualities of touch that only handwork can provide. We are known for our unique use of embroidery and embellishment on cashmere. Our signature creations include cashmere shawls, stoles, home and baby. We take great pride in our designers and craftsmen, a team of 400 people who love to do it all the best way we know how - by hand.

With her team, Jyotika set out to translate this dialogue onto cashmere.